Rustikales Portemonnaie Mokka

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Dieses Portemonnaie wird in Kleinserien von jeweils etwa 15 Stück aus einer Kalbshaut hergestellt. Aufgrund der natürlichen Eigenschaften des Materials gleicht keine Serie der anderen.
Hochwertiges Kalbsleder und die per Hand ausgeführte traditionelle Sattlernaht garantieren hohe Qualität und Langlebigkeit. Jedes Kartenfach fasst etwa 8 Kredit- oder Ausweiskarten. Das Geldscheinfach ist für die gängigen Banknoten der Währungen Euro und US Dollar optimiert. Auf ein Fach für Kleingeld haben wir bewusst verzichtet. Dadurch wird das Produkt schlanker und behält über Jahre hinweg seine Form.
Das Finish dieser Version besteht aus reinem Bienenwachs. 
Die CW Wallet ist dank traditioneller Fertigung leicht zu reparieren und hält bei minimaler Pflege und normalem Gebrauch weit über 10 Jahre.
3 Jahre Garantie. 

Länge (geschlossen): 11,5 cm
Breite: 8,5 cm
Dicke (leer): 0,8 cm
Farbe: Mokka

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Martin G Mattes

Beautifully made, with great attention to detail! Excellent craftsmanship!

Mokka wallet after 2 months. of ownership . . .

I bought the Mokka Wallet about 2 months ago and I’ve been using it regularly since then. It arrived within a few days of my order, good postal tracking and was packaged with a nice personal touch.

Tim you are a true artisan, the design and construct is excellent and the leather is very pleasing to the eye and touch. I had reservations about the thinness of the leather uppers of the card slots, particularly around the finger cut outs but as the leather stretched a little to accommodate several cards my initial concerns proved to be wrong. I would have preferred the outer edges of the card slots were reinforced (doubled up) in some way? Fairly priced for a handmade piece by a gifted gentleman.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

Keep up the good work!

A gem in my pocket

The product is amazing, elegant, well crafted yadda yadda yadda. But I guess ya ll expect this.

But anytime I take it out to pay, it gives me a sort of joy for the ownership of such a unique master piece. I then seek for confirmation from the cashier, which of course is not responding my expectations so I take another look at it and return it to my pocket willing to take it out again on every occasion possible.

Glenn Kelley
Luscious leather with stout stitching

The quality of materials in this billfold wallet is outstanding. The leather is high-grade, durable yet soft, and smells great. The hand stitching is heavier than machine-stitched wallets. While perhaps giving it a less fancy appearance, it is stout and I am certain it will easily last me a decade or more. Finally, the design is just right for the near-minimalist who just needs a single currency compartment and two slots for a reasonable number of cards. If all this sounds good to you, I can easily recommend this wallet!