Rustikales Portemonnaie "Bienenwachs"

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Ein puristisches Portemonnaie für Karten und Geldscheine in der perfekten Größe für die Jackeninnentasche. 

Es entsteht aus vegetabil gegerbtem Rindsleder aus Italien. Dieses Leder ist mit UNI 11427 "Häute und Leder mit reduzierter Umweltbelastung" zertifiziert. 
Nach dem Zuschnitt wird das Leder aufwändig gefärbt und gewachst. Durch die eigene „Handschrift“ des Handwerkers entsteht hierbei ein Antik-Finish, das niemals gleich ist.
Das Portemonnaie ist per Hand mit einer echten Sattlernaht genäht. Kanten und Flächen sind mit Bienenwachs umweltfreundlich und schön poliert. Das Portemonnaie ist äußerst langlebig und kann mit Pflege mehrere Jahrzehnte halten. Es riecht leicht nach Mahagoni.

Länge (geschlossen): 11,5 cm
Breite: 8,5 cm
Dicke (leer): 0,8 cm
Farbe: Mittelbraun mit honigfarbener Kontrastnaht

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Customer Reviews

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Nicolas Zeh

Rustikales Portemonnaie "Bienenwachs"

Fergal Horgan
Excellent craftsmanship

Excellent craftsmanship went into this wallet, and its absolutely fantastic. Great qualities ty leather, durable and hand stitched. Should last quite a few years!

Rob Lieffering

Excellent wallet, well made and very functional. Great service too, many thanks Tim.

Richard Bartram
A lot to be satisfied with and enjoy

Others will tell you about the quality of the leather and the stitching . I will tell you this .

That as you close it it makes a very satisfying thwack sound. And that ladies and gentleman is the sound of quality.

Secondly size. I carry my card, my joint card, my business card and some cash and a few bits and bobs. You could certainly put more in it but for me its form and size is perfect for my life needs.

Lastly cost. Today a sunny day I wore an old watch with a green sunburst dial . It is both functional and beautiful. It was a long time ago that I spent 500 on it. That 500 keeps giving. I wrote loads of notes and plans I used a pen that cost maybe 150. In that context the price is in my opinion worth it for form, function and quality of an item you use every day.

I said I was not going to comment on the quality of the leather but as I have been typing this review ( over a beer ) and waving my wallet around it has occurred to me that it is of sufficient quality to make a satisfying thwack on the bottom of your consenting loved one. Being British of course I have no knowledge of such things just thought I would mention it . Richard

George UK

Perfect size for UK currency, I am sure that the robust stiching on this note case will not break or fray. My current one has a fold over loop with a press stud which catches on my pocket this one does not have that problem.

IT has a good feel in the hand and I am sure it will last a long time.