Mauspad aus Rindsleder mit Bienenwachspolitur

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Die stilvolle und schöne Alternative zu billigen Mauspads aus Kunststoff. 

Dieses Mauspad wird aus hochwertigem Rindsleder per Hand hergestellt. Es ist vegetabil gegerbt und handgefärbt. Eine Politur aus Bienenwachs sorgt für anhaltenden Glanz. Die Kanten sind versiegelt und poliert, die Rückseite mit einer Gummilösung behandelt. Es ist unverwüstlich und kann mehrere Jahrzehnte benutzt werden. Der Preis bezieht sich auf ein Mauspad. 

Dieses Leder ist mit UNI 11427 "Häute und Leder mit reduzierter Umweltbelastung" zertifiziert. Es kommt von freilaufenden Rindern. Kleine verheilte Narben sind normal und Teil des Charakters. 

Länge: 24 cm
Breite: 24 cm
Dicke: 3-3,5 mm
Farbe: Spanisch-Braun und Mahagoni (letztes Bild)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Mousepad

The item is so much better than expected and of course of best quality. I really appreciate the good service of Caseback Watches.

High quality leather - but different mouse response compared to other pads

No doubt the mouse pad is of high quality. Leather and craftsmanship are without flaw. Beautiful color and texture. A pretty authentic leather smell is present, which is probably likely to fade with time. (If you do not like this, do not buy a leather product!)
However, you need to get used to moving your mouse on this, as it is a different feeling compared to a rubber pad.

Renival Marcal de oliveira
Great job

Got a great mouse pad from Tim. Great quality and superb delivery!

High quality mouse pad

This mouse pad is very nice and feels expensive. Interesting enough, it does not really smell like leather but more like beef jerky. Well, I like beef jerky.
The only thing that could be improved is the underside. Currently it is a bit slick, and the pad slips away fairly easy. Maybe some felt tape or thin rubber tape on the underside would remedy this.

What A Mouse Pad It Is!

This is leathercraft at the art level. Superbly made piece, with nice texture and colour - beautifully matches various wood surfaces, the dark ones in particular. And the smell of it is absolutely wonderful.
Your mouse will love it, no doubt about it!