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Each belt is brought to the perfect length especially for you. To do this, please specify your belt size together with the order at checkout.
To determine this size is very simple. Take your old belt and measure the distance shown in the picture (the last product picture). You can measure centimeters or inches. The maximum belt size is 110 cm or 43 inches. This is related to the size of the animals.

The raw material comes from selected cattle from Western Europe and was vegetable tanned with vegetable tanning agents also in Western Europe. This blank leather is one of the best hides available in the world. 

Each belt is elaborately dyed and polished by hand. The goal is to give it the look and feel of a favorite piece that has been worn often, even though it is, of course, new. Even the inside of the leather is polished with a special rubber solution.
The belt is extremely durable and easy to repair. The buckle is not chrome-plated, but is made of indestructible stainless steel.

Width: 35 mm or 1.4"
Color: Spanish brown
For men

This product is described in detail in a video.  

Customer Reviews

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Alex Z
Great quality belt

Very good quality belt for the price, you can tell it will last for a long time

Conor B.
Just get one, you won’t regret it.

I’ve had the same belt for the last eight years which was good quality and served me well - but it was starting to show its age. I received this belt yesterday, as expected the quality is on a different level. It’s a thing of beauty that I will enjoy seeing it wear-in, not wear-out. I think the price is fair for something that is, handmade with such care. It's great to be able to get a genuine artisan item that I know I will enjoy for years to come.
Thank you, Tim. A true Gentleman.

Lucien Lizerot

Handgemachter Gürtel aus Rindsleder Spanisch-braun

Great purchase

Never considered buying a quality belt before, so I ended up buying crappy ones which needed to be replaced due to wear and tear every so often.
Since I purchased some watch straps from Tim that I really like and are top quality, I decided to go for the belt and wow, what a difference with the crap ones I used to buy. Besides the obvious quality I really like the colour.
Great value, highly recommended.

Beautiful handmade luxury

As soon as I saw Tim had decided to make a belt I knew I had to get one. When the package arrived (promptly as usual) I wasn't disappointed. The first thing that hits you is the smell (proper leather). And then you get it in your hands and you notice the quality of the material and the work. I love the fact I have a custom made high quality hand made leather belt. The fact that it's made by a fellow musician and watch geek is an added bonus. If you're in the market for a belt I highly recommend this one.