Handcrafted with time for details

In our Hamburg manufactory, leather products are made 100 percent by hand. This enables small series with an eye for detail and quality. Functionality, longevity and the avoidance of harmful solvents and adhesives are particularly important to us. All leather hides come from artisanal tanneries in Italy, Germany and Spain. All seams on our products are classic saddle stitches, where each stitch forms a loop between the layers and is therefore much more durable than a machine seam. We also pay great attention to the edge processing. Edges are painstakingly sanded, colored and polished. This creates an elegant look and seals the leather against moisture. All of this results in unique pieces that will last for several decades if cared for appropriately.
There are also products from other producers, such as the watch straps, which are made by a German company especially for Caseback Watches.

The name "Caseback Watches" comes from the YouTube channel of the same name. Tim Holzhäuser founded the channel in 2018 with a focus on mechanical wristwatches.