Art print "La Brigade – A Traditional Kitchen In Portrait"

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The period before the Second World War was the heyday of the French kitchen brigades with their specialization in various positions. It enabled the development of a haute cuisine that reached many people. The brigade made it possible to cook for even the largest restaurants with finesse and creativity at the highest level. Every chef here was a specialist who had to master his job down to the last detail. 

This print depicts the essential positions in a classic French kitchen brigade. The work makes no claim to completeness. In small restaurants there were often fewer positions, in a large hotel kitchen there were often many more. Our chefs and their assistants could really have formed a team in this composition. 

The style follows the Franco-Belgian "Ligne Claire", the clear line as we find it in comic classics ("Tintin"). All drawings were made with Chinese ink and watercolors by Tim Holzhäuser without any digital help.

The print comes from a specialist company in Germany and was produced on high-quality Hahnemühle drawing paper, which guarantees color accuracy and longevity, as well as a beautiful look with a clearly visible paper structure. 

Each print will be sent securely in a roll with cardboard cover. 

Dimensions (DINA3):
42 / 29,7 cm
16,5 / 11,7“

Customer Reviews

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James Farrell
Tim's Art rocks!!

If you follow Tim on YouTube with his Case Back Watches channel, then you know how fastidious he is about his music, his attire, his speech, his leather work ... so, it should come as no surprise that his poster of his "LA Brigade" is excellent. It arrived at our Palm Springs address quickly and in perfect condition. It now hangs on the wall en route to the kitchen in our condo and it makes us smile every time we look at it. If you are thinking about it, just do it, you won't be disappointed! Besides, have you ever seen anything like this piece, ever? Thanks Tim!

Thomas Schmidt
Really nice surprise

Great print! It's now hanging in the kitchen and has already caused a few laughs. Especially the "apprenti".
The shipping solution still looked a bit improvised, a roll and then also a cardboard box, but solid.
Paper is very thick and has a nice structure to it.