Leather and stainless steel keychain

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Even the little ones need attention! This keychain is made with exactly the same care as large bags. It is made of vegetable tanned cowhide from Italy, hand-dyed and polished with beeswax. This leather is certified with UNI 11427 "Hides and leather with reduced environmental impact". The ring is not made of the chromed material of cheap products, but stainless steel. 

Five years warranty. The price is for one piece.

Length: 12 cm or 4.7"
Width: 4,5 cm or 1.8"
Diameter ring: 2.8 cm or 1"

Customer Reviews

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Thomas R.
High-quality key holder that you won't be leaving out of reach

These are very nice key holders made from high-quality leather. A true hand flatterer as we say in German language.

Richard Bartram
An everyday carry item done well.

A key holder is an item one uses every single day. A simple item done well. It looks good and the quality is noticeably good good. Design? There is sufficient distance from the leather "fob" to the key ring so ergonomically it works. I bought two ; one for my home keys and one for work. Recommended .

Thomas Schmidt
Clear recommendation

In fact very nicely finished and no comparison to the usual junk. Also smells very pleasant.