Watch pouch "Solo". Protection for one watch

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A handy watch pouch with a push button. It is made of vegetable tanned cowhide from Italy. The leather is certified with UNI 11427 "Hides and leather with reduced environmental impact".

After cutting we elaborately dye the material by hand. The craftsman's own "signature" creates an antique finish that is never the same. 

The case is 100% handmade and free from harmful solvents. The edges are sealed with beeswax. For watches with a case diameter up to 40 mm. Enclosed you find a leather piece for protection of steel bracelets. Three year warranty.

Length 13 cm or 5.1"
Width 6,5 cm or 2.6"
Thickness (empty): 0.5 cm or 0.2"
Color: Brown


Customer Reviews

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Chris Crevasse
Quality piece

The Solo is a handsome, well-made, individually distinctive watch case. It is easy to see the care that went into producing it. My watch is a mechanical 36mm field watch that is 10.2mm thick with the crystal. So, a smaller watch. The watch on its steel bracelet is a snug fit in the Solo. When I have my watch on a leather strap, the Solo is more accommodating. If your watch is much larger than mine, the Solo case may not work for you, which would be a shame. Still, while the Solo may not comfortably hold a larger watch, it could nevertheless be valuable for containing a spare watch strap or two, while traveling, for instance. You can almost always find a use for a good-looking, high-quality leather product such as this.

P.S. The review header seems to indicate that I live in Soddy-Daisy. While Soddy-Daisy is a fine nearby community, I neither live nor work there . . . not that it matters, I suppose.